The Best Free Online IQ Test

We believe that Real IQ Test provides the best free online IQ test option. Our test was designed to the specification detailed below by Jordan B Peterson, and has been administered to an appropriate baseline study of real people. If you aren't familiar with the history of IQ tests, please read on.

The first IQ test was designed by Alfred Binet in 1904. By definition, the IQ was a test created to determine an individual's ability to make meaningful contributions to society. It was based off of simple pattern recognition, arithmetic, and other basic subjects that were limited to a scope which could be administered to school children. Our philosophy is that an online IQ test should be as scientifically accurate as possible. We are not affiliated with Jordan Peterson. This test was created using the methodology he has described on multiple occasions in a public forum. We believe the vast majority of experienced psychometric testing experts would agree this test is highly accurate.

While there are many other IQ tests online you will be hard pressed to find one that has conducted its own baseline study like we have. We provide the best online IQ test not only because we utilized a proven scientific methodology, but because we allow our users to see their basic IQ test score for free. While we do have the option to buy a detailed answer report, we aren't going to waste your time with an insurmountable pay wall like so many other IQ testing providers.

Its is our belief that most online IQ tests have faulty scoring criteria decided solely by their creators. Too many supposed "intelligence tests", are really scams looking to take your money from you. There are even some psychologists who think their testing methodologies are superior without any conducting and kind of peer review or comparative baseline study.

We did our very best to provide a real IQ test. You can find countless renditions of the IQ test out there. There are a plethora of tests out there all trying to do the same thing. One of the unfortunate truths is that institutions often bias test results based of what they think should be relative grading criteria.

Here is the the most well known IQ and Mental Ability tests.