Practice Wonderlic Test

Practice Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic Test is a widely recognized cognitive ability test used by employers and educational institutions to assess problem-solving abilities and cognitive capacity. Whether you are preparing for a job interview, a college entrance exam, or simply want to measure your cognitive abilities, practicing the Wonderlic Test can give you a significant edge. In this blog post, we will delve into what the Wonderlic Test is, why it is important, and how you can effectively prepare for it.

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What is the Wonderlic Test?

The Wonderlic Test, often referred to as the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT), is a 12-minute, 50-question exam that measures cognitive abilities in five key areas: logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, general knowledge, and spatial reasoning. Developed in the 1930s by American psychologist Eldon F. Wonderlic, this test aims to provide a quick yet accurate assessment of one’s cognitive faculties, which can be indicative of job performance and learning capabilities.

Why is the Wonderlic Test Important?

The Wonderlic Test is important for several reasons:

  • Employment Screening: Many employers use the Wonderlic Test as part of their hiring process to identify candidates with strong problem-solving abilities and cognitive skills. A high Wonderlic score can set you apart from other candidates.
  • Educational Placement: Educational institutions sometimes use the Wonderlic Test to place students in appropriate learning programs. It helps determine whether a student needs additional support or is ready for advanced coursework.
  • Self-Assessment: For individuals, the Wonderlic Test can serve as a benchmark for personal cognitive abilities, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

How to Prepare for the Wonderlic Test

Preparing for the Wonderlic Test involves both understanding the test format and practicing various types of questions. Here are some strategies to help you perform your best:

Understand the Test Format

Before diving into practice questions, familiarize yourself with the test format. The Wonderlic Test consists of 50 questions to be answered in 12 minutes. This means you have less than 15 seconds per question on average. The test includes a mix of question types, such as math problems, analogies, logic puzzles, and verbal reasoning questions.

Practice Different Question Types

Focus on practicing different types of questions that are commonly found on the Wonderlic Test:

  • Numerical Reasoning: These questions test your ability to work with numbers, perform calculations, and understand numerical relationships. Practice basic math operations, percentages, ratios, and sequences.
  • Verbal Reasoning: These questions assess your language skills, including vocabulary, sentence structure, and reading comprehension. Practice questions involving analogies, synonyms, antonyms, and logical inferences.
  • Abstract Reasoning: These questions evaluate your ability to identify patterns, relationships, and logical rules. Practice pattern recognition, spatial reasoning tasks, and sequences.
  • Logical Reasoning: These are questions that test your ability to use logic to solve problems. Practice questions involving syllogisms, sequences, and logical relationships.

Time Management

Given the time constraints of the Wonderlic Test, effective time management is crucial. Here are some tips to help you manage your time better:

  • Practice Timed Tests: Take practice tests under timed conditions to get used to the pace of the Wonderlic Test. This will help you develop a sense of timing and prioritize questions efficiently.
  • Skip Difficult Questions: If you encounter a particularly challenging question, it’s better to skip it and move on to easier ones. You can always come back to it if time permits. This strategy ensures that you maximize your score by answering questions you are more likely to get right.
  • Work Quickly and Accurately: Strive to find a balance between speed and accuracy. While you need to work quickly, it is also important to avoid careless mistakes. Practice will help you strike this balance.

Take Care of Your Health

Finally, ensure that you are in good physical and mental condition on the day of the test. Get a good night’s sleep, eat a nutritious meal, and stay hydrated. Your cognitive performance can be significantly affected by your physical well-being, so take care of yourself to give your best performance.

Sample Wonderlic Test Questions

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here are some sample questions in each of the key areas assessed by the Wonderlic Test:

Numerical Reasoning

1. What is the next number in the following sequence? 2, 4, 8, 16, __?

A) 20    B) 24    C) 32    D) 64

Verbal Reasoning

2. Choose the word that means the same as “gregarious”.

A) Shy    B) Sociable    C) Sad    D) Angry

Abstract Reasoning

3. Identify the pattern: Which number completes the series? 1, 4, 9, 16, __?

A) 20    B) 25    C) 30    D) 36

Logical Reasoning

4. If all roses are flowers, and some flowers fade quickly, then:

A) All roses fade quickly

B) Some roses fade quickly

C) No roses fade quickly

D) Some roses do not fade quickly

Utilize Online Resources

Leverage online resources to enhance your preparation for the Wonderlic Test. Websites dedicated to test preparation offer practice tests, question banks, and instructional content to help you improve your weak areas. Many of these websites also offer timed practice tests, which can help you get accustomed to the exam’s time constraints.

Review Your Practice Tests

After taking practice tests, spend time reviewing your answers, especially those you got wrong. Understanding why you made errors and learning from them is crucial. This analysis will help you identify patterns in your mistakes, so you can focus on improving those specific areas when you practice further.

Seek Feedback

If possible, ask for feedback from instructors, mentors, or peers who are also preparing for the Wonderlic Test. They might offer valuable insights, suggest study materials, or share strategies that worked for them, enhancing your own preparation process.

Stay Positive and Confident

Confidence and a positive mindset can significantly influence your performance. It’s normal to feel anxious about a high-stakes test, but trust in your preparation and abilities. Remember that the Wonderlic Test is just one of many criteria that employers and educational institutions consider; performing well involves being well-rounded and prepared in multiple areas.


Preparation is key to performing well on the Wonderlic Test. By understanding the test format, practicing various question types, and managing your time effectively, you can improve your chances of achieving a high score. Utilize online resources, seek feedback, and maintain a positive attitude as you prepare. Remember, practice makes perfect. Good luck!