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What is IQ?

The first IQ test was designed by Alfred Binet in 1904. By definition, the IQ was a test created to determine an individual's ability to make meaningful contributions to society. It was based off of simple pattern recognition, arithmetic, and other basic subjects that were limited to a scope which could be administered to school children.

Our philosophy is that an online IQ test should be as scientifically accurate as possible.

We are not directly affiliated with Jordan Peterson. This test was created using the methodology he has described on multiple occasions in a public forum. We believe the vast majority of experienced psychometric testing experts would agree this test is highly accurate.

Note: RealIQ is celebrating a new chapter: As of November 2023, this site is under new management by a new team of tenured professionals in the field of psychometric analysis. Expect innovative enhancements and expert-driven content moving forward!

Find Your IQ Score

Have you wondered what your IQ score is? The best free online IQ test will give you an accurate IQ score based on real science.

You and Your IQ

Although it is definitely not the only indicator of intelligence or success, a person's Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is often a strong indicator of relative intelligence to others measured. In life we strive to learn about ourselves and grow. We believe an IQ test can be a great way to kick-start the process of expanding your mind.

Standard IQ Distribution

  • 100
  • STANDARD RANGE ( 100-115 )

    Many people will fall into this category.

  • 115
  • ABOVE AVERAGE ( 115-130 )

    A measurable deviation above most people, associated with higher level employment.

  • 130
  • GIFTED RANGE ( 130-145 )

    Few people score in this range. This range is associated with especially high potential.

  • 145

    Far fewer will ever score within this range. Some use the phrase "potential genius", in relation to it.

  • 160







Where does your IQ fit into the range?

Take the Test

IQ measures certain intellectual skills, and you don't have to feel bad if you aren't comfortable with your score. People have been known to score deviations higher on IQ tests after getting a proper amount of REM sleep, and also after correcting other deficiencies in their life (e.g., improving nutrition and overall health).

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