The Real IQ Test is the embodiment of experience, authority, trustworthiness.


The Real IQ test aims to provide an advanced online intelligence assessment tool, designed for superior accuracy, supported by state-of-the-art technology to deliver a reliable and tamper-proof standard. Our methodology is recognized and has been featured in publications by esteemed institutions like Yale, MIT, Harvard, USC, among others.


Our mission is to establish a consistent, transparent, and precise benchmark for individuals worldwide to assess their intelligence in a fair manner. This test is the result of contributions from tens of thousands of experts enthusiasts from the CognitiveTesting and IQTesting communities on Reddit.

Pledges to Fairness

Pledges to Integrity (Baseline Setting Phase)

During the baseline setting phase, we enforced specific anti-cheating measures:

While these protocols were essential in establishing a sound baseline, they are not active during regular test-taking to ensure a non-intrusive and user-friendly experience.

Pledges to Accuracy

Test Structure and Scoring Methodology

The test consists of 100 questions with a 50-minute time limit, designed to provide a fair and accurate evaluation:

Professional Test Design

This test has been meticulously crafted under the direct supervision of Doctorate-level Psychometrics Testing Specialists. Our team includes experts in the field of psychological assessment, ensuring that each question is scientifically validated and adheres to the highest standards of test construction. This professional oversight guarantees that our assessments are not only fair and unbiased but also accurate and reliable for measuring true cognitive abilities.